An accomplished Clarity Simplicity estate planning attorney can help you avoid countless stresses, save countless sums of money, and give you an incredible amount of peace of mind to draft a will. You might also learn something unexpected, such as the fact that it is never too early to create your own will.

Here are some helpful hints to aid you if going through this exercise with your parents have you thinking about organising your own affairs.

Choose a suitable executor.

This employee should be detail-oriented, organised, and willing to take on the task. Executors could be relatives or close friends. The executor you choose needs to be in a sound financial position. An attorney, a bank, or a trusted firm can be named as the executor if you don’t want to appoint a family member or friend. Remember that these options will cost you money for the services.

Choose an alternative executor.

In the case of your death and the death of your principal executor at the same time, a substitute executor shall act. This is fairly feasible when partners pick one another but don’t choose a replacement.

Choose a seasoned lawyer.

Making a will is a procedure that benefits from the expertise of an experienced attorney like Adam Tobin.

Feel free to leave specific bequests to particular people.

This is a highly intimate and meaningful approach to acknowledge the people you care about and can make your desires apparent.

Keep your assets secure.

Be sure to keep your will in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box at a bank or in your home in a fireproof safe. Be sure to tell a trusted family member or friend where your will is stored.

Destroy any old wills if you’re drafting a new one.

Make sure your will is properly signed and legally witnessed.

Your attorney can help make sure this is done correctly.

Contact our attorney with family law experience 

Writing a will doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, but it does require the motivation to carry it out. You might begin by locating an estate planning attorney. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries, or worries or need help setting up your own data or managing your parents’ affairs. We are knowledgeable, and compassionate, and will work to see that your and your parent’s wishes are carried out. We are eager to collaborate with you.

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